onastazia mullen

Growing up in a loud, loving family not far from the ocean in Rhode Island, ONASTAZIA is the third generation of Greek, Italian, and Russian immigrants. ONASTAZIA is a name shared with her yiayia and an independent brand of jewelry that is designed to be kept and cherished for a long time.

What started as a child’s pastime, collecting beads and making jewelry remains a part of the regular rhythms of daily life. Inspired by the contrasts of the ocean, clean shapes are engraved with the curves of handwritten letters using simple tools.

Jewelry is made and engraved (in moments between cooking favorite meals and cuddling with her baby girl) in a small corner of her home in Ypsi, Michigan with the intention of being passed down to children or loved ones.  

The warmth and spontaneity of her upbringing is brought to each piece, made to be enjoyed and shared.


long-time enjoyments: my family, the ocean, my mom's outfits, beads for birthday presents, shells that stink all the way home, my sister's dog, thai tea, the smell of Spring, setting up on Christmas morning, nighttime in Florida, pearl earrings, disproportionately tiny things, making soup, wrapping presents, frog gummy candies (actually all candy... every kind of candy)

current fascinations: children's books, the search for Thanksgiving music, watercolor painting, keeping Christmas decorations up through February, filling in an address book, Waldorf education, converting my small lawn into a garden, painting my toes